Monday, October 17, 2016


~Fred Littell~

Trumpets sounding in the distance,
The sound of feet marching in step,
Come join our cause!!
Come help us!!

Trumpets sounded that day as clouds gathered on the horizon,
Trumpets sounded, their urgent sound echoing against the hills,
Come join our cause!!
Come help us!!

Old men sat and watched as the young men ran to join,
They shook their heads, knowing well the futility of the cause,
The futility of the task ahead, for there is no war that will end all wars,

Trumpets sounded, feet marched;
Sergeants barked orders,
Medals gleamed in the minds’ eyes of the young men,
Come join our cause!!
Come help us!!

The weeks and months passed,
The old men sat and watched the return of those who had left,
Now fewer in numbers,
Now, aged beyond their years,
Soon to take their places with the old men,
For they now know the truth

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